Religion has been a defining factor in people’s lives for several hundred thousand years. Religion is ubiquitous across the globe, and virtually everyone has had to contend with it in one way or another. My opinion stems from witnessing the violence and division caused by the Hindu and Muslim religious communities in India. 
This thesis, Religion Realigned, aims to explore religion through three projects that look at the subject from different critical perspectives. ​​​​​​​

The Unsung Manifestos spotlights the more obscure and lesser-known religions that are still at a comparatively young stage. Their lack of mass followings do not give them the same gravitas that the larger religions benefit from, and therefore they are still looked down upon and not taken too seriously. This is to highlight how equally illogical all religions are and though some are treated with gravitas in today’s society, it does not equate to believing something more plausible than the contents in these books.
This book intends to allow the reader to contextualize these religions in the forms that they are placed in and attempt to imagine the religions as fairytales, science-fiction, or even completely factual. All religion has been perceived, at some point, in one of these forms during its’ evolution. People have different interpretations of religions based on what they believe in.
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The Sanctum is a website that explores the material objects that reflect a religion in their places of worship and asks the viewer how important they truly are in representing the space. Religion can be divisive and prejudicial, so in response, The Sanctum allows users from around the globe to experience an unfamiliar place of worship in its purest essence. 
The purpose of religion is to achieve the goals of salvation for oneself and others. With pursuing that common goal, many religions have created communities that span the globe, representing their respective faiths in the search for something much larger than themselves. However, despite that, religions have also stemmed fear, hatred, and division between the many different religious communities. Religious intolerance is responsible for a lot of mass killings and atrocities that have taken place in countries like Syria, Nigeria, India and Pakistan.
The Indoctrination Inactivity Book aims to expand the minds of young adults who have inborn religious views and opinions, due to their communities or upbringings. It encourages them to explore their biases, thoughts, opinions and hopefully allows them to broaden their mindsets about topics they might have previously been certain on. 
Most religion-based opinions and mindsets stem from the communities and people we have grown up in and around. It can become extremely hard to develop an individualistic viewpoint on these controversial topics when certain religious ideologies and perspectives are treated as factual.
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Moving forward,  I want to continue working on the Sanctum and complete the other spaces on the site as well as hopefully, if people contribute, take that into consideration as well and make changes. I also want to expand on the Unsung Manifestos and research and include more obscure religions in the books.